Alabama GOP Roy Moore Voiced Extreme Views On Homosexuality, Evolution

On December 12th of this year, Alabama residents will go to the polls to choose the Republican who will take over the Senate seat relinquished by Jeff Sessions when he agreed to become U.S. Attorney General.

Currently, the leader in the two-man run-off for the seat is former Alabama Superior Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was removed from that court’s bench in 2003 after refusing to take down a 10 Commandments monument he had installed in the court building.

In unsurprising fashion, hard-right fundamentalist Christian Moore has expressed retrograde views on homosexuality and evolution.

In 2005, ex-judge Moore sat down for an interview with political pundit Bill Press on the C-SPAN2 program After Words.

During the course of their conversation, Press asked Moore for his thoughts about the 2003 decision by the Supreme Court on the Lawrence v. Texas case, in which the court rendered all laws nationwide prohibiting sodomy as unconstitutional.

When Press inquired if Moore thought that homosexuality should be illegal, Roy answered, “What I think is that it was illegal under the law, that the Supreme Court usurped the role of the legislature and ruled something about our moral law that is improper, and that’s what we’re finding the Supreme Court and the federal district courts are doing daily.

They’ve usurped the moral prerogative, now, if you want–” Looking for a more straightforward answer, Bill interrupted him and said, “I don’t understand your answer. I think it’s a yes or no.

Do you think that homosexual–homosexuality, or homosexual conduct should be illegal today? That’s a yes or no question.” Replied Moore, “Homosexual conduct should be illegal, yes.”

Moore’s views have not evolved since then, as evidenced by a 2015 YouTube video in which an off-screen interviewer asked the former judge, “Do you still think that homosexuality should be illegal?” Roy answered, “I think homosexuality should be illegal.

Sodomy was declared illegal by the United States Supreme Court in 1987. It said there was no right under the constitution to enlarge the fundamental rights of homosexuals.”

The interviewer pointed out, “But then they came back and overturned it.” Replied Moore, “Well surely they overturned it. They didn’t go by their own precedent, did they?”

Moore’s regressive take on homosexuality is in line with his take on evolution. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, when pressed on on the subject, Roy answered, “There is no such thing as evolution. That we came from a snake? No, I don’t believe that.”

Do you think Moore’s backwards views make him unfit to serve in the Senate? Watch the clip of Moore in 2015 below: