Arizona Republican Tells Teachers To Get A Second Job If They Are Unable To Properly Support Their Families

Teachers, who needs them, right?


And they deserve to be treated with respect and paid well. But that’s not happening in Arizona.

Arizona’s school system resembles Betsy DeVos’s dream education system.

Charter schools spread the state, and vouchers are given out more than unwanted gym membership advertisements are placed in a mailbox.

It’s also a complete disaster. While some of the charter schools are good, they cost the public school system drastically.

Arizona has cut more funding from their public schools than any other state. In fact, they spend more money on prisons than they do on education.

The student-teacher ratio is one of the worst in the country, made even worse by the fact that Arizona’s teachers make the lowest wages in the country—and good teachers aren’t sticking around because of it.

Instead of trying to make the situation better, the Republicans in Arizona are instead lowering the requirements for teacher certification.

Now work experience can replace training. But even if their standards are laxer, that doesn’t change the fact that the teachers will still have terrible salaries.

And an untrained, inexperienced teacher will quickly realize that the pay is not worth the work.

But the worst part of the situation is that the Republicans in Arizona don’t seem to understand how bad things are going for teachers in their state.

When Arizona House Majority Leader, John Allen (R) was reminded that many Arizona teachers work a second job to survive, he replied:

“They’re making it out that anyone who has a second job is struggling. That’s not why many people take a second job.

They want to increase their lifestyles. They want to improve themselves. They want to buy a boat.”

Boats. Teachers are working a second job to buy…boats. Allen’s remarks are so devoid of understanding and empathy that the everyday sociopath would be troubled by it.

If teachers work a second job (like, say, writing articles for the Left Scoop), it’s not to “increase their lifestyle”—they don’t have the luxury of having a lifestyle.

It’s to painstakingly chip away at student loans, or to feed their children, or to even feed themselves.

Buying a boat wouldn’t even be a dream of theirs…we don’t have time for dreams. We have essays to grade.

At least it led to a teacher boat march.