BREAKING: Trump Just Used This Dirty Lowdown Sneaky Trick To Block Funding For Needy Children

As a direct result of President Trump’s new tax reform giving massive tax cuts to corporations and wealthy Americans, the nation will be thrown into an even bigger deficit.

Trump’s solution to counteract the tax cuts and relieve some pressure from the deficit is to cut funding from children’s education, healthcare and nutrition programs.

An analysis by the Urban Institute found that the new tax bill will cut funding from education by 15%, children’s health care by 10% and child nutrition by 9%.

The most significant cut is a whopping $140 billion cut to children’s health services, specifically to Medicaid which provides funding to low and middle income families.

Author of the study, Julia B. Isaacs, says “When you cut spending on children you’re putting our country’s future economic growth at risk. You’re undercutting our commitment to helping every child succeed no matter what their background.”

“I was so disappointed by these results. We know about the importance of early childhood setting the stage for lifelong health,” she continued.

What do you think about Trump’s move to make children pay for billionaire’s tax breaks?