Christian Sharia Lawman Pat Robertson Is Worried About The Little Boys (VIDEO)

In the 1970s and 1980s Pat Robertson was a faith healer. Today he’s America’s #1 promoter of Christian Sharia Law.

When Robertson isn’t calling non-Christians termites or blaming gays and lesbians for hurricanes, he’s whining that feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, and destroy capitalism.

And then there’s his TV evangelical circus The 700 Club, in which he manages daily to come up with a new wacky new thing to demonize.

I swear, if Jesus Christ were ever to return for some channel surfing and happen across Robertson’s show, he’d be screaming things like, “I never said that!” at the TV screen.

He’d also file a major defamation lawsuit against Robertson — and all those other phony televangelists — for blasphemous slander.

On Wednesday, Robertson spent his show talking about boys today.

I know, ewwww, right? Nothing worse than seeing this decrepit old man talking about boys.

Then he profiled a Christian military-style training camp that helps “turn boys into men,” claiming men today have turned into emasculated wimps, citing college students who must “apologize for being masculine; they have to apologize for being white; they got to apologize for being males.”

“By the time they’re little kids, they’re effeminized. I mean, it’s just awful,” he added.

According to Robertson, masculinity “now is regarded as something shameful.”

And then he asked his co-host Wendy Griffin, “Do you want a wimp?”

We’re so sorry, Pat, that you’re so sad boys have to apologize for, say, grabbing women by the pussy or roofie-raping their dates who say “no.”

It must be so hard for you to hold back your tears when men have to apologize for, say, beating their wives to a pulp because dinner wasn’t ready.

What do you do when some guy heads to his wife’s office and shoots her at work while having a breakdown?

Pat Robertson is a god-awful man. But for all the right-wing evangelicals in America, he is a god-send.

Of course, these are the very same people who believe The Flintstones is a documentary and that God wanted everyone to vote for their American savior Donald Trump.

The man is a total nut job. And if you don’t believe me, read this list of Pat Robertson’s controversial remarks as a Christian huckster throughout his phony religious career, compiled by Wikipedia.

Granted, The 700 Club can be a guilty pleasure for some of us, just like watching all those Real Housewives shows.

You simply can’t believe there are people like that. And you’re so goddamn happy (yes, another pun) that you’re not one of them.