Colbert And Stewart Just Called Trump a ‘Sociopath’ On The Late Show (WATCH)

Stephen Colbert invited his old buddy, Jon Stewart, onto “The Late Show” tonight to offer “fair and balanced” coverage of President Trump, who had tweeted over the weekend that late-night shows were biased against him.

You can watch the video below.

Colbert told the audience that he would say what he really thought of Trump and Stewart would offer a counter-argument, something positive about the man whom his own Secretary of State calls a “F***ing moron.”

Stewart did his best to parry Colbert’s insults, offering, “Donald Trump is not a cannibal” and “Donald Trump is better to women than Harvey Weinstein,” which Colbert then said he would have to fact check.

Fact check: Trump is at least as bad to women as Harvey Weinstein, which is really saying something.

Finally, Colbert trotted out the now-infamous video of Trump saying, “The calm before the storm,” teasing military action in front of his bewildered military leaders on Friday.

With that, Stewart lost it, shouting, “What the f**ck is wrong with this guy?…What kind of a sociopath says ‘Calm before the storm?…And what about this is not the storm?”

There was, of course, a standing ovation because we all know this is the storm and the winds are only building.

Thank goodness for funny men like Colbert and Stewart, who make us laugh to keep us from crying, so the storm doesn’t carry us away completely.