Donald Trump Just Attacked Qatar Not Knowing We Have A Military Base There With 11,000 U.S. Personnel

When Trump met with Saudi Arabia, he gave the Saudis, through a diplomatic initiative, implied permission to isolate Qatar. However, the US Central Command’s enormous Al-Udeid Air Base is in Qatar—in the capital city of Doha.

So why would Trump help start a fight between of our Gulf State allies when there are American soldiers in one of those countries? According to sources, it’s ignorance:

There is over 11,000 US personnel at Al-Udeid. According to Carl Bildt, the European Council Co-Chair of Foreign Relations:

There are also 15,000 American civilians working and living in Qatar today. In fact, Qatar has a University City with several American colleges including Georgetown University, Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Trump is making it increasingly more dangerous for these citizens and military personnel to live in Qatar. Earlier in the week, he tweeted:

Trump looks like he wants to make Qatar an enemy, not even realizing that they are hosting almost 30,000 Americans. Trump’s ignorance to this fact puts Americans lives in jeopardy.