Donald Trump Loses It At Press Conference With Romanian President, “You Are Fake News,” Praises Electoral College Win

Donald Trump just held his first press conference in over three weeks with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, and it was a doozy filled with rants about “fake news”, and he even pointed to the media’s raised hands and said, “What if I could sell that?”

When deciding on who to first pick for a question from the press, Trump said, “Should I take one from one of the killer networks?” And then he called them “fake news.”

Trump chose the first question from a conservative outlet, the Washington Times’ Dave Boyer, who surprised everyone when he asked Trump if he has the “tapes” of his interactions with fired FBI Director James Comey, and why he was celebrating when Comey’s testimony “boiled down to his word against your word.”

Trump refused to say whether tapes exist of his conversations with Comey, as Trump once hinted to in a tweet.


Comey indicated during his testimony in the Senate on Thursday that it was this tweet that prompted him to leak personal memos he wrote that detail his encounters with Trump.

Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that Trump asked him to pledge “loyalty” in an effort to set up a “patronage relationship.” Comey said Trump asked him to pull back on an investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and to lift the “cloud of suspicion” over the White House by stating publicly that he is not the target of an FBI investigation.

In his testimony on Thursday, Comey repeatedly called Trump a liar and said he took personal notes because he was certain Trump would lie about their encounters.

“Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” Comey said.

During today’s press conference, Trump said he wouldn’t speak about his “tapes” right now, though he bragged about his election victory and suggested that the question about whether he committed obstruction of justice has been completely settled.

“I’ll tell you about that maybe sometime in the near future,” he told reporters. When reporters further asked if tapes existed, Trump said, “You’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer.”

He also doubled down on his claim that Comey’s testimony vindicated him, saying it showed “no collusion, no obstruction, he’s a leaker, but we wanna get back to running our great country.”

Trump did say that he would “100 percent” be willing to testify under oath that he did not ask former FBI Director James Comey for his loyalty.

“100 percent … I would be glad to tell him [special counsel Robert Mueller] exactly what I told you,” Trump said.