Donald Trump’s Childhood Church Has BANNED Him From Attending, “His Policies Go Against Our Biblical Teaching”

While Trump does well in Christian communities, there are some churches and Christian leaders who don’t support the president.

One of those churches just happens to be Trump’s childhood church, First Presbyterian in Jamaica Queens, New York, and a church he went to after, Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan.

Trump was friends with Norman Vincent Peale, the former minister of Marble Collegiate andthe author of “The Power of Positive Thinking.”

However, the pastor’s son, John Peale, publicly criticized Trump, especially during the campaign, when John stated that he “cringes” when Trump mentions his father in rallies and on the campaign trail.

“I don’t respect Mr. Trump very much.I don’t take him very seriously. I regret the publicity of the connection,” John wrote.

“This is a problem for the Peale family.” During the campaign, Marble Collegiate made sure to clarify that Trump “is not an active member” of the church.

To the pastors of First Presbyterian Church on Fifth Avenue, Trump apparently bragged that “I did very, very well with evangelicals in the polls.”

The church “gently reminded Trump that neither of them was an evangelical.”

When Trump attended First Presbyterian, it was made up of an affluent all-white congregation. Today, the congregation is mainly composed of African-Americans, many of whom are frustrated with Trump.

“The policies he’s promoting go against our biblical teaching,” Philip Malebranche, a first-generation Haitian immigrant and First Presbyterian parishioner told CNN.

“Our president should be representing us and not a minority of people.” When asked if the church would welcome Trump, Malebranche was unsure.

“What spirit would the president bring to this congregation on a Sunday morning?” he said. “I would be very skeptical.”

Trump might have won over many Evangelical Christians, but he isn’t popular with several Christian denominations.

Hopefully, they can influence the Evangelicals to see how Trump doesn’t support Christian teachings.