‘Don’t Politicize Tragedies,’ Say GOP Who Use Baseball Shooting In DISGUSTING Attack Ad

Attack ads are always dirty.

It’s just the rule of politics. But if you saw an attack ad tying a candidate for public office to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice, you’d be justified in thinking someone had gone too far.

Republican or Democrat, you just can’t blame the actions of one angry gunman on either a political party or a politician.

But that’s what Republicans are doing in Georgia, where they’re in real danger of losing a seat in the House.

And they’re not just linking the Democrat with it. They’re accusing everyone on the left of actively applauding and encouraging violent acts like the one in Virginia.

In the all-important race for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, the choice is pretty clear.

On the one hand, you have Republican Karen Handel who resigned her position at a prominent charity over Planned Parenthood funding — she opposed it.

A Republican who literally said “I do not support a livable wage” during a debate with her opponent.

A pro-wall, anti-Obamacare, voter-ID-law Republican. In short, a Trump Republican.

On the other hand, you have the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff — who very nearly got enough votes in the primary election to avoid the upcoming runoff altogether.

A tech-savvy Democrat with an independent, investigative film company that goes after corruption and organized crime (and gets results).

A well-balanced Democrat: He idolizes Rep John Lewis, has national security experience, and wants to make Atlanta the high-tech hub of the South.

Not really a head-scratcher.

Given that Trump won the 6th — a traditionally Republican stronghold — by less than 2 points, Ossoff has a real shot.

That has Republicans, frankly, scared shitless. This election is expected to be a bellwether for resistance to the Trump agenda.

Ossoff is the best chance Democrats have had in a generation. Watching a Democrat win Newt Gingrich’s old seat would send Donald Trump into a frenzy. So what do the Republicans do about it?

Fight dirty. Attack.

Their new ad brazenly displays Rep Steve Scalise being carted off the baseball field on a stretcher.

They accuse the left of cheering after the shooting. It shows Kathy Griffin’s ill-advised decapitation joke.

It inextricably links Jon Ossoff to… Um… Something? I can’t quite figure it out. I just know it’s gross.

You can decide for yourself: