Experts Say Trump is Currently Doing EXACTLY What Hitler Did in Germany

Trump is using people’s fears about terrorism to increase his powerThis is exactly what Hitler did in order to seize power in Germany.

Trump’s rhetoric about terrorism is meant to scare people. He can then use that fear to get what he wants.

So he starts off with a Muslim Travel ban on seven countries. It doesn’t matter whether the ban is effective or not.

Trump just wants to keep terrorism on people’s minds and start to build fear. He can then set the stage for a major power grab.

Hitler did the same thing in Germany 84 years ago. He used a domestic terror attack to consolidate his power.

The incident in question is known as the Reichstag Fire.

Assailants set the German parliament building, the Reichstag, on fire in 1933.

This attack took place less than one month after Hitler was named German Chancellor. Hitler realized this was the perfect opportunity to get rid of his Communist rivals in Parliament.

Hitler’s government arrested a mentally ill Dutch Communist for the fire. Hitler then blamed the Communists for the attack and said it was part of a Communist uprising to overthrow the government.

Hitler said on the night of the fire, “This is a God-given signal! If this fire, as I believe, turns out to be the handiwork of Communists, then there is nothing that shall stop us now crushing out this murderous pest with an iron fist.”

Hitler then issued the Reichstag Fire Decree, which ended the freedom of the press, assembly, and free speech. Hitler also had members of his rival party arrested.

Trump’s rhetoric and tactics are eerily similar to Hitler’s. He’s already set the stage to follow in Hitler’s footsteps by suggesting that anyone opposes his travel ban is putting the nation at risk.

Then if there’s an attack on the country, Trump can use it as an excuse to issue more executive orders to seize more power. And so far Congress is unwilling to stand up to Trump, since the cowardly Republicans are in charge.

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