Here’s Who FOX News Just Blamed For Trump’s Russia Scandal

On the heels of incriminating evidence effectively proving collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, Eric Bolling, host of FOX News’ “The Specialists,” flatly dismissed it as “an insult to nothing burgers,” essentially declaring the bombshell news a nonissue.

More concerning, however, is Bolling’s attempts to then blame the affair on former President Barack Obama.

After showing a clip of the Russian lawyer with whom Donald Trump Jr. had an e-mail correspondence deny her known connection to the Kremlin, Bolling’s co-host clarified, “The e-mail, though, said that she was connected to the Russian government,” to which Bolling mocked, “Oooh, scary e-mail.”

“It is kind of a scary e-mail,” she retorted, appropriately.

But Bolling doubles down, decrying the blatant evidence against Trump and Trump Jr. as “Trump derangement syndrome.”

He then goes so far as to blame Obama for, somehow, not stopping the Trump campaign from colluding with a hostile foreign adversary to undermine the integrity of our election.

“If you have a problem with what Russia is doing with regards to our elections, then you have a problem with what Barack Obama did to stop them from doing it. He apparently never stopped any of this from happening.”

Bolling’s comments are a testament to the extent to which FOX News will go to diffuse responsibility on behalf of the Trump administration.

The fact that Eric Bolling would actually blame Obama for the fact that Donald Trump Jr. agreed to collude with a Kremlin-linked lawyer is not only dangerously ignorant, but journalistically unethical.

Perhaps FOX News should, for once, consider the ramifications of their political bend.

See the entire exchange below: