Incest Can Be Voluntary, So No Exception For Abortion: GOP SENATE Candidate

Virginia GOP Senate candidate Bob Marshall has broken the controversy record just like some other Republicans, who has courted trouble upon their heads.

Marshall firmly believes that incest can be voluntary, and shouldn’t be a reason to get an abortion.  He made this statement in an interview in 1989.

Over the years, Marshall has made clear his position on what he thinks of abortion.  He has introduced many personhood bills, intended to ensure that a fetus is given the same rights as a living person from the moment of conception in his state.

Marshall also introduced the controversial trans-vaginal ultrasound bill, that demands that a woman should go for invasive ultrasounds before having an abortion.

According to RightWingWatch,iIn 2010, he said, “Nature takes its vengeance on subsequent children. It’s a special punishment, Christians would suggest.”

Marshall insists that he was not going to back off from his statement and suggested that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is gay, which “explains” his position on marriage equality, and isn’t backing away from that, either.