Inmate Who Died of Dehydration in Sheriff Clarke’s Jail Had Water Turned Off For Seven Days

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that prosecutors presented statements saying Milwaukee County Jail staff cut off inmate Terrill Thomas’ water for seven days, leading to his death of dehydration.

The statements by prosecutors are the first official account validating what inmates have previously told the Journal Sentinel about Thomas’ access to water in his cell. In prior interviews, the inmates said they begged jail staff to help Thomas as he grew weak without water. Thomas spent nine days in jail before he died in his cell in April 2016.

Prosecutors said jail staff made several decisions relating to Thomas that run contrary to standard operating procedures at the jail.

A six-person jury seated Monday morning will hear testimony and issue a verdict on whether those decisions warrant a filing of criminal charges in the case.

Prosecutors are not required to follow the jury’s verdict. They have not said who is under consideration for possible criminal charges.

According to prosecutors, Thomas suffered from bipolar disorder and was not on medication.

He was awaiting a psychiatric evaluation in solitary confinement when he died, and becomes yet another person to die under the watch of Trump surrogate and all-around pile of poop Sheriff David Clarke.

And while Clarke is not named in the 90 witnesses listed by prosecutors, he’s been accused by others of being super prickly about looking bad when people die under his guidance.