Investigation Looking Into Trump’s Ability To Read; This Is Hilarious

Michael Harriot, host of The Black One podcast and writer for The Root just said:

“I believe Donald Trump can’t read.”

This came after the President failed to pronounce ‘Namibia’ right at his first official UN addressing earlier this week.

Harriot didn’t stop at that little statement, he elaborated and cited sources to support his statement. He said:

“I think he struggles with multisyllabic words. This isn’t something I recently came up with when he was embarrassing the entire country in front of world leaders like he was taking an oral exam for a book he read on the way to class.

I’ve known about his semi-literacy for years, but I think it’s time I outline my well-researched list of reasons why I believe this to be true.”

So basically, he is calling the President of the US ‘illiterate’. He also called Trump a ‘racist’ and went on to differentiate between literate and illiterate racists.

He said the illiterate ones are the ones sending him hate mails and they “all possess a remarkable deficiency when it comes to reading and grammatical ability.”

Not a person to stop at anything at all, Harriot went ahead to claim that Trump clearly never read the Constitution.

Well, why is that not even a little difficult to believe? If you think that Trump has set the dogs on Harriot by now, don’t worry, or don’t rejoice, depending on whoever you are, because Harriot, the clever journalist he is, has himself covered.

He cited Trump’s own words in his defense and as the ultimate proof of his claims.

He said:

“During the presidential campaign, Trump told the Washington Post that he doesn’t have time to read and he never has. This might explain the reason why he thought Andrew Jackson could have prevented the Civil War even though Jackson died 15 years before the Civil War started.”

Also, Harriot is neither the only one nor the first one to make this claim.

Back in 2016, during Trump’s Presidential campaign, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee made that statement and it had escalated to a #TrumpCantRead craze.

She went ahead and broke it down for the world for 6 minutes on her show and said “knowledge, integrity and basic human decency” were his worst enemies.