Ivanka Trump Caught Committing Federal Crime on White House Property

Up until today, Ivanka Trump has done everything she can to have her cake and eat it too by working with the White House while not being an employee.

New information that was just caught Ivanka in a federal crime – she’s keeping her holdings within Trump Hotel while working at the White House.

Ivanka has violated ethics laws by using the White House for financial gain.

This is a federal crime and a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Her husband, Jared Kushner, earned $180 million last year and Ivanka earned $10 million — a small amount of money to them.

Kushner is a senior adviser to the President and obviously seeks to use his advisory position to enrich himself and his business holdings.

The Trumps also are violating ethics rules by acting as their own landlord by the hotel in Washington, D.C. that was recently remade from an old post office.

Trump made his friends at the GSA rule that Trump isn’t violating its lease with the government because the property is in a revocable trust and Trump is not managing the property.

However, we all know that Trump is managing his businesses.

He is just doing it behind closed doors.

All of this raises serious questions about whether the President and his daughter are profiting from their powerful positions.

Do they really want to lead the country or are they simply in this for the influence and money? We have a few guesses.

Trump is a real hypocrite for falsely criticizing Hillary Clinton and her involvement with the Clinton Foundation to claim that she was using the state department for financial gain.

There was little to no evidence for this outlandish claim, but plenty of evidence that the Trumps are abusing their power already.

Trump is trying to use the White House as a cash cow and enrich both himself, Kushner, and his daughter at the expense of the American people.

More of these documents reveal that Kushner has taken money from crooked banks overseas and that he is truly a corrupt person.

The Justice Department is investigating some of the banks that Kushner has worked for because they allegedly helped people evade taxes.

Trump is a party of the wealthiest administration in American History and his cabinet is filled with his rich friends and practically no women or minorities.

This is because when Trump said he wanted to make America Great Again, he really wanted to make America White again.

It is just sad that Trump only cares about his own wealth and not the wellbeing of the American people.

Surrounded by all these rich people, it is no wonder why Trump and his daughter cannot empathize with the struggle of the Average American.

Ivanka should not be allowed to work in the White House if she is going to keep Trump holdings.

People typically don’t need side gigs when they work in the White House.

Her full focus should be on the American people.

While we are at it, let’s just impeach Trump for perpetually lying to the American people while on the campaign, and since he has become president, while this country still stands.

Ivanka should publically disavow the statements of her father and should be ashamed for not saying anything when her father talked about grabbing women’s private parts.

What do you think about Ivanka Trump committing federal crimes?

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