Ivanka Trump Is Basically The Co-President, She Reviews EVERY Executive Order And Meets Weekly With Treasury Secretary Mnunchin

Ivanka Trump is settling in as Trump’s most trusted advisor, according to the New York Times.

The 35-year-old fashion tycoon admits that “I’m still at the early stages of learning how everything works, but I know enough now to be a much more proactive voice inside the White House,” despite that “here’s a lot I don’t know about how government works and how things get done.”

She claims she is “really, really trying to learn” so that “in time I’ll get to the right place.”

While she is inexperienced and needs to learn a lot, the sad truth is that, for right now, she’s the least worst person Trump has chosen to advise him.

Before Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner,  Trump’s closest advisor was Steve Bannon, somebody so far-right that he thinks calling Kushner a “Democrat” is an insult. Bannon might be right about that, and this could apply to Ivanka.

Ivanka wants to uphold the Paris Agreement, she doesn’t ignore the facts of climate change, she supports education and girl’s education, and is nowhere near as rigid about immigration and refugees as her father.

In fact, she already started putting forth policy proposals to make childcare more affordable, and create a paid family leave program in the federal government, things the Democrats have wanted for years.

That’s no guarantee her policies will be good, but they are far more left than anyone in Trump’s ear.

She knows that if she “[goes to the mat on certain issues and [she] may still lose those,” but better to have someone inexperienced advising Trump to maybe not gut Education than a white nationalist telling him to bomb all Muslims.

And that is a sad compromise.