Jared Kushner Caught Building Condos With Grants For Poor Communities

Jared Kushner has had a rough couple of weeks.

First, it was announced that Kushner was a person of interest in the FBI investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia.

Then, came the allegations that Kushner attempted to set up a secret line of communication between the Trump team and Russia.

But it seems that Kushner’s skeletons are deeper than that.

In fact, according to The Washington Post,  Kushner used real estate grants that were meant for poor communities to help build a tower of luxury condominiums.

Sounds like something his father would be involved in, but no this all about the Kushner Companies’ new project.  The Washington Post provided a graphic to detail the location.

According to reports, Kushner was able to get $50 million in grants, which took away from those who it was meant for and who really need it.

Pastor Shyrone Richardson of the World Outreach Christian Church in the struggling Bergen-Lafayette section of Jersey City said, “Unfortunately, the people who are benefiting from this are not the people in this area.”

Currently, the Kushner Companies are trying to raise $150 million to build another luxury building in New Jersey.

However, they aren’t using grants this time. No, this time they are trying to con Chinese investors into forking over their hard-earned money in exchange for a visa.

The Kushner Companies are using Trump’s son-in-law’s closeness with President Trump as a major selling card for their company.

According to sources, under the EB-5 program, a wealthy foreigner can get a fast-track residence visa by investing at least $500,000 in a project in a “targeted employment area.”

Kushner seems to be an expert at manipulating the law for his own personal gain no matter who gets hurt in the fallout.

Like the Pastor in Jersey City said, the people who are benefiting from this are not the people in this area.” Should Kushner be removed from his post?