Jimmy Kimmel Gives Donald Trump The “Schoolhouse Rock” Treatment, “I’m Just A Lie,” THIS IS HYSTERICAL!

Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” and Donald Trump’s constant lies on his show last night, and he found the perfect way to explain it to adults and kids alike.

Using the model of “Schoolhouse Rock,” Kimmel premiered “I’m Just a Lie.” The animated short features a lie that “popped out of the president’s brain.”

“And the very idea of me is completely insane,” the little lie rhymes sadly.

The lie goes on to point out that as people try to debunk it, they only repeat and spread it. Bleak stuff for a cartoon, right?

It actually gets even bleaker as the lie reveals that its goal isn’t to make everyone believe it so much as it is to make just enough people believe it that a debate can start.

Watch for shout-outs to Conway and Sean Spicer, and a little cartoon cameo from CNN’s Brian Stelter.