JUST IN — Trump Supporters Make Major Announcement We’ve All Been Waiting For

President Donald Trump is receiving bad news from Wisconsin voters who are frustrated with the lack of attention to issues he promised during his 2016 Presidential campaign.

In fact, the only efforts they have seen are dramatic feuds among staff and pointless tweets.

According to the Milwaukee Journey Sentinel, those responsible for Trump’s 2016 win now find him annoying and think he is infantile.

Trump supporter Robin DeFabbio says Trump is a “do-little” kind of leader who has failed to drain the swamp.

“He’s like a very bad child that I’m glad I didn’t raise. You just get disappointed on a bunch of levels, not just (with Trump). Everything’s in gridlock, nothing’s moving. You can’t get anywhere like this.”

Co-owner of a Reedsburg taver, Kari Walker, says she now hates politics – and she’s a political science major! ” “I am a political science major. I am starting to hate politics. Actually, not starting, I do hate politics: the vitriol and the vulgarity and the lack of willingness to talk to people,” she said.

And  Nell Justiliano, who voted for Trump last year, said she did so to get out of the political rut, but things have since been worse.

“I’m so embarrassed by what a sh*t show it is,” she said. “Because it is a sh*t show. You want change, then you just get really discouraged when it doesn’t happen.”