Michelle Obama Just Showed Melania How A Real First Lady Acts

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been quiet during the first few months of the Trump era, but took to Twitter this afternoon for a wonderful reason – to wish a “Happy Birthday” to world famous girls’ rights and girl’s education activist, Malala Yousefai.

Malala joined Twitter a few days ago after finally graduating from high school at the age of 19.

Originally from Swat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, her education was interrupted by an attempt on her life by the Taliban.

Her graduation is a wonderful symbol for girls all over the world, a victory of life and freedom over death and repression.

In the era of Donald Trump, young women don’t have too many role models to look up to.

The faux-feminism of Ivanka Trump, whose message of empowerment is commodified in sold in packages of $29.99, and the cold silence of Melania Trump leave much to be desired.

It’s so reassuring to see that Michelle Obama is still around to show young women what a truly inspiring woman looks like. Her absence is felt more painful than ever these days.

Happy Birthday, Malala!