New DISTURBING Video Footage of Trump PROVES He’s Completely Lost His Mind – This Is TERRIFYING! [Watch Here]

It’s no secret that millions of Americans and psychologists alike believe that Trump is mentally unfit to lead the country.

He shows clear signs of clouded thinking and dangerous decision making.

The White House recently had to direct their legal team to review his tweets before he hits the send button.

Now, this new video footage of Trump is troubling, to say the least.  During his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump suddenly wandered off almost as if he forget where he was.

A Trump staffer had to intervene and lead Trump back to the Israeli PM.

The incident occurred during Trump’s second day of his nine-day trip overseas.

White House staff did report that Trump was exhausted, however, this looks a little more troubling than basic exhaustion.

PoliticusUSA commented, “The President Of The United States looks like the lights are on, but no one is home.”

Watch the full clip below:

Do you think there is something going on with Trump’s mental health the public doesn’t know about?