NOOOOOO!! Donald Trump Basically ADMITS His Syria Attack Was Simply For PR And Approval Numbers

Trump and the U.S. Navy took to Twitter today to exchange virtual high fives over the Syrian Airstrike—or, as the U.S. Navy called it, #SyriaStrikes:

They even posted obviously staged photos of the conversation, with Trump looking like he’s ordering pizza, one member receiving some relieving news from his doctor, and another in what could be taken from a U.S. Navy information pamphlet.

The way the two members of the Navy grinning seems a bit tone death given that they are about to drop 60 warheads on top of people.

These pictures reiterate that the only reason the airstrike happened was because Trump wanted to look good.

The frustrating part is, he got what he wanted.

News media outlets that condemned him are now praising him, especially Brian Williams, and his approval rating remained steady while his disapproval rating went down.

Since the airstrike, which was said to be in retaliation for the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun a few days before it, Assad bombed the same town.

“It is like he is trying to kill everyone that survived the chemical attack,” said Aya Fadl to the Telegraph.

And just days after Trump’s airstrike, Assad once again dropped chemical bombs, this time on the town of Al-Qaboun. So far, Trump has done nothing about these attacks.

While Trump staging photos isn’t surprising, it is troubling to see the Navy join in on this. If they, along with politicians and news media, give Trump status for this airstrike, he will probably drop more bombs for less reason.