Queen Elizabeth Has Spoken…No State Visit (Or Gold Carriage) For Donald Trump

According to The Evening Standard, Donald Trump’s trip to the United Kingdom next year has been downgraded to a “working visit,” meaning it won’t have the grandeur of an official “state visit.”

The newspaper reports that UK diplomats are discussing Trump’s future visit, which will likely be a part of a multi-country trip.

When diplomats are visiting as part of a state visit, they typically stay at Buckingham Palace. If Trump’s trip is a working visit, he will likely stay at the U.S. ambassador’s residence, according to the Standard.

When asked about the report, the White House says they have nothing to announce at this time. Details of the trip, which is still a way’s off, could change.

Trump’s planned visit has not been without controversy. Trump reportedly told Prime Minister Theresa May that he was concerned about protests and did not want to visit the country without public support.

In June, London Mayor Sadiq Khan called for the UK to cancel the visit, which was planned for late 2017 at the time, after Trump slammed Khan’s response to a London terror attack.