Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets HUMILIATED In South Korea When She’s Snubbed For Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump seems to be having the time of her life in South Korea, where she is leading the American delegation during the 2018 Winter Olympic games.

And why shouldn’t she? She’s an avid skier, and the South Korean government is pampering her like she’s the First Lady. They even provided her with special red embroidered slippers.

Ivanka Trump red slippers
“Mine are so comfy!”

But her bestie, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, doesn’t really look like she wants to be there. While Ivana is cheering excitedly for Team USA, Sanders looks like she doesn’t know she got there, and doesn’t like where she ended up.

It probably doesn’t help that she was given the standard provided slippers, which look like they were too small and probably worn by a 100 old guys without socks.

Sarah Huckabee slippers
“Mine are damp. Why are mine damp?”

And while they watched USA’s Kyle Mack win silver in men’s big air snowboarding, the contrast in enthusiasm couldn’t be more clear.

Ivanka at Olympics
“Talk to Olympic Committee member and 1998 ice hockey gold medalist Angela Ruggiero or fight with a bag of chips? Chips, obviously.”
Sarah and Ivanka
“Maybe if I pretend not to notice, Ivanka will stop trying to talk to me.”
Ivanka in red

“Does she ever stop smiling?”

Ivanka happy
“Our guy won? Sorry, checking Twitter to make sure your dad didn’t blow up the world.”

Maybe Sanders is just distracted, looking off into the distance, where the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea is just 30 miles away.

She traveled to South Korea right as President Trump threatened North Korea with a mysterious “phase 2” which would be “very unfortunate for the world.”