Sen. McCain Torches Trump, Claims He Has ‘No Principles And Beliefs’

One of President Trump’s most vocal critics just tore into him for lack of principle. During a recent interview, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)  asserted that the President he doesn’t have any “principles and beliefs.”

McCain went on to explain: “I don’t agree with the way he’s conducting his presidency, obviously. He’s an individual that unfortunately is not anchored by a set of principles. I think he’s a person who takes advantage of situations.”

However, the Republican lawmakers did praise Trump for being “successful” as a builder and an entrepreneur.

“But I don’t think he has the fundamental underpinnings of principles and beliefs. I don’t think there was any doubt about his views toward me. But I’m a loyal Republican,” he added.

McCain has been a vocal critic of Trump since the campaign trail. The two have often feuded back and forth.

In the past, Trump has responded to McCain’s criticism by warning the lawmaker that “at some point, I fight back and it won’t be pretty.”

The war vet McCain fired back by saying: “I’ve faced far greater challenges than this.”

Trump also attacked the Arizona Republican after he voted against a GOP bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Sources also reported that Trump mocked McCain’s infamous thumbs down gesture when voting for the bill behind closed doors.

Trump was furious that McCain did not vote for the bill and was unable to pass an ObamaCare repeal and replace bill.

Trump blasted McCain for his vote by saying the lawmakers “let down” his party and the people of Arizona by opposing the measure.

But many disagree. The Republicans have made many efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act but have thus far been unsuccessful.

Do you agree with McCain when it comes to Trump? Is Trump just an opportunist?