Show This Pastor’s Response To Every Trump Fan Who Is Using Weinstein To Smear Democrats

In the fallout from Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault revelations, John Pavlovitz, a prominent pastor and author, penned a brilliant editorial slamming Trump supporters who are outraged at the Hollywood producer’s behavior.

While Pavlovitz roundly condemns Weinstein – and quickly points out that he is “rightly experiencing the consequences of his allegedly abhorrent behavior” – he also condemns the “sanctimonious choir” of Trump supporters who voted for a President guilty of the same thing.

Pavlovitz lambasts not only their vote for an admitted sexual predator, but denounces their fraudulent outrage over the same topic.

The next time a Trump fan tries to exploit the fact that Harvey Weinstein donated to Democrats – as if their acceptance of his donation before these revelations in any way suggests an endorsement of his behavior – be sure to show them Pavlovitz’s article.

Read the entire scathing editorial below:

You Don’t Get to Support Donald Trump and Be Outraged at Harvey Weinstein