Supreme Court Has Just Given Trump The Worst News Of His Presidency

Trump is in it deep now! Like, up to his knees deep!

It’s a disaster for him, but to be completely and utterly frank the big oaf deserves every bit of badness that comes his way.

Just check out this latest bombshell report from Occupy Democrats:

“A Supreme Court ruling today could be a big problem for President Donald Trump because it limits the President’s power to temporarily fill government agency vacancies while nominees go through the confirmation process.

Although it involved a case filed by the Obama administration concerning a former acting general counsel to the National Labor Relations Board who was waiting to be confirmed for the job permanently (NLRB), it could make it much harder for the President to hire people in temporary positions.

The Supreme Court ruled by six to two that the appointment violated The Federal Vacancies Reform Act, which was passed in 1998, according to The Hill.

The Obama administration had argued that the hiring of Lafe Solomon fell under an exemption in the law which says that a nominee can serve temporarily if they had served as a “first assistant” for at least 90 days to the official they would be succeeding.”

Good news for the world, bad news for Trump! But then, it seems that those two things go pretty naturally hand-in-hand!