The Judge Praised the Rapist! What the Hell is Wrong with the GOP?

There are times where I just cannot believe how low the GOP stoops.

Fourth district judge Thomas Low in Utah praised a sex offender just seconds before he handed down his sentence.

Former bishop Keith Vallejo was convicted of raping two female family members three years ago while they were staying with him in his home.

Vallejo was convicted of one first-degree felony of object rape and ten second-degree felonies of forcible sexual abuse.

For the object rape conviction, Vallejo was given a sentence of five-years-to-life.

He was also given concurrent one-to-15 year sentences for all ten forcible sexual abuse convictions.

This man was convicted of 11 separate charges and the judge did not even address him as a criminal, and he had the opportunity to do so.

The judge emotionally said just moments before he handed down his sentencing,

The court had no doubt that Mr. Vallejo is an extraordinarily good man. But great men, sometimes do bad things.

I don’t care if that man spent every last penny he owned saving fluffy kittens from being euthanized. He RAPED two family members.

Two of them. For a judge to say what he did – in front of one of the victims – was like a slap to the face.

He might as well have said that the victims were responsible for their own rapes. WHY do people still convict the victims?

The right-wing-nuts love rape.

I don’t mean that literally, but they love discussing what all those dirty illegals will do to our women.

They also like discussing how Muslims treat their women anytime women from this country demand equality.

Hell, go to Ann Coulter’s Twitter account – that troll LOVES to talk about rape.

I am not even joking. I wish I were.

Deniers of the rape culture that persists in this country will say that it ain’t no thing, that it does not exist – women should just stop.

However, when we have JUDGES who praise rapists while sentencing them, we live in a rape culture. Period.

Judge Low needs to be disciplined in some way or let go – he cannot sit on a bench handing down sentences to people he believes are ‘great men’.