Trump And Ryan Are Failing So Hard On Trumpcare, The Fail Will Make Your Head Spin

Multiple sources are reporting that House leadership is postponing the Trumpcare vote, probably until Friday.

Reuters says the vote will be Monday, which seems highly unlikely—Paul Ryan isn’t going to be helped by letting his members go home to get an earful from their constituents all weekend.

The big plan to repeal Obamacare on the anniversary of its signing is a major fail. But apparently that word hasn’t filtered up yet.

Maybe he’s just being loyal to his guy Sean Spicer, who insisted in today’s White House briefing that there’s no backup plan for if it doesn’t pass tonight and “It’s gonna pass. So that’s it.”

Or not. As of this afternoon, Republicans will meet at 7 PM ET tonight, then have a test vote on whether or not to put the House under “martial law,” allowing them to bring a bill to the floor any time between now and Monday. If that vote fails, all bets are off.