Trump Disrespected The First Lady In Public AGAIN! Why Does Melania Tolerate This?

The hashtag #FreeMelania became viral after President Trump was caught berating the First Lady during his inauguration’s daytime ceremony. Viewers could clearly see that Trump berated his bride on a day that should be filled with happiness by the family.  This begs the questions: If this is how Trump treats Melania in public, how bad does he treat her in private?

While some may find it hard to feel sorry for her, there are times when we just must.

According to sources, Trump has been caught disrespecting his wife several times. However, in this new photo, experts are arguing that it says all we need to know about the relationship between Melania and Donald.

As you can tell from the picture, Trump walks ten feet ahead of his wife. A true no-no in the gentleman handbook. He didn’t even help her down the stairs.

Is this the kind of example that Trump voters around the world want for their kids to see?  A woman who tolerates disrespect and a man who feels it is socially acceptable to publicly disrespect his wife?

Just as Hillary Clinton famously said in one of her campaign videos “our children are watching.”

Millions of America children are looking at Trump as a leader and will try to mock his actions. Is this the message Trump voters want their children to receive?

For a man who is President of the United States, he should be ashamed.