Trump Just Shared A Fake News Story For His Dumb, Die-Hard Fans And They Ate It Up

Never one to let a potential vindication go unnoticed, the Minister of Marmalade in an effort to supply some credibility to his already-disastrous Muslim ban, posted a news article to his Facebook page on February 2 citing a similar visa and travel restriction in the country of Kuwait with brief commentary: “Smart.”

Donald Trump faken news story

The article from al-Bawaba (The Gate) quotes Kuwaiti sources, who spoke of the government of Kuwait placing restrictions on five predominantly Muslim countries, with three countries in common with Trump’s executive order.

The only problem? It’s fake.

After Kuwaiti officials learned of the president’s erroneous post, Reuters reports, a spokesman for the foreign ministry of Kuwait responded, saying that the country “categorically denies these claims and affirms that these reported nationalities … have big communities in Kuwait and enjoy full rights.”

Although the Eagerest Emperor has yet to respond, or indeed, to take down the post in retraction, and although his supporters fully embraced the Fake News as fact, many saw the post as an opportunity for sport at their expense:

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The sarcasm was lost on all but the most keen observers, so… Everyone. Others pointed out the more pragmatic details of Trump’s ban on Muslims, highlighting the fact that nations left off Trump’s list were in fact the ones most responsible for exporting terrorism and funding terrorist organizations, including the countries Trump himself has praised:

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In the end, the post will never be taken down. His supporters will never admit they were duped, because their Dear Leader is himself incapable of doing so. They will go on believing this fake news, and they will go on to claim that the OFFICIAL reports from Kuwait are the false claims, because that’s what their president has taught them to do. Thankfully we are not all so easily misled:

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