Trump-Loving GOP Congresswoman Compares Parkland Students to Hitler Youth, Won’t Apologize

Many Republicans have reacted poorly to March for Our Lives and the gun reform movement that is being championed by the Parkland survivors.

The teenagers, who are using their right to free speech to advocate for gun control, have received a tremendous amount of attention for their activism — some good and some bad — since the mass shooting.

State Rep. Mary Franson of Minnesota took her distaste for the advocacy of gun control to a whole new extreme recently, appearing to lash out at the massacre survivors on Facebook.

Representative Mary Franson

Representative Mary Franson shared Dave Benner's post

The article Franson used to slander one of the teenage survivors, David Hogg, was written by Dave Benner, who is known to have only a loose association with the truth.

While Franson seemed to think it was perfectly appropriate to compare a teenager to Hitler, it does demonstrate a wild inability to perceive reality on behalf of the state representative.

The reference, which was intended as little more than a smear tactic, merely demonstrated just how willing many Republicans have become to fill government positions with anyone who will support their agenda.

Franson has a history of refusing to hear the arguments of those she disagrees with. Back in December, the state representative from Alexandria refused to meet with a group of politically active high school students, kids who live in her district, because the small outfit was made up of Democrats.

Franson didn’t stop there though. Making sure anyone who missed her Hitler reference aimed at the teenagers would have another chance to catch on, Franson took the Facebook attacks a step further.

Franson took the facebook attack

As radicals so often do when called out for the absurdity of their claims, Franson backtracked on her publicly documented comments and played the victim, after understandably receiving huge backlash.

“I’m confused to how the media has made this article into something to do with the anti-gun march,” she told the Pioneer Press.

“I’ve posted many things related to Israel, antisemitism, the Holocaust without any drama previously. I’m shocked media wants to make this into something it’s not. Where do you come up with these accusations?”