Trump Supporting Pastor Says That All Liberal Women Are Ugly, And That Trump Is Incredibly Handsome

Wayne Allyn Root, a radio program host, loves President Trump.

Between his far-right commentary and his conspiracy theories, he praises Trump as often as he can. He even once said, “I believe Donald Trump is one of the handsomest billionaires that’s ever lived; I don’t think he ever had to grope a single woman ever. I think they threw themselves at him, so it’s all a lie.”

And when he isn’t praising Trump, he’s putting down liberals for not understanding Trump.

After Trump’s Arizona rally, Root hailed Trump as a “real man” and said that liberals don’t know how to respond to Trump.

He also likes to see himself in Trump, saying that like himself, the President is also “a real guy’s guy” and they were both bullied by “liberal, spoiled brat, lucky sperm club pussycat” wussies, like the ones he saw while attending Columbia University.

Root went on to say that liberal men “don’t know how to fight and they don’t know how to argue.”

Furthermore, he believes that liberal men don’t actually care about social issues, but act like they do “because you’re a guy and there are women in the room and you want to have sex.”

“It’s all B.S, is what it is,” he said. “All these liberal guys, they just want to win over women and look like a proud peacock in front of women because they know that liberal women want to hear this nonsense; ‘Oh my God, all I care about is poor people, that’s all I care about is poor people.’ And then they know, tonight they’re going to have sex with some stupid liberal woman who is ugly in the first place, because all liberal women are.”

Sounds like someone is upset they were never invited to the cool liberal parties.