Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Just Got Caught Committing Fraud – Well, This Is Embarrassing!

One of the Trump’s many outrageous objectives as president is to prove that he won the popular vote.

The fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes, and there is nothing for Trump to prove.

Trump’s bogus voter fraud commission is actively investigating each state to see what they can find.

Vice Chairman of the “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity,” Kris Kobach, just contributed a false report to Breitbart concerning voter fraud in New Hampshire.

In the Breitbart article, Kobach says New Hampshire’s Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper submitted a request to the Department of State and Department of Safety to verify NH voting records.  According to Kobach, Jasper made a “chilling” discovery.

Kobach claims “there were 6,540 same-day registrants who registered to vote in New Hampshire using an out-of-state driver’s license to prove their identity.”

He continued:

“According to New Hampshire law, a new resident has 60 days to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license. So if those 6,540 voters were bona fide New Hampshire residents, they would get their driver’s license no later than January 7, 2017.

However, the numbers tell a very different story. It turns out that, as of August 30, 2017 – nearly ten months after the election – only 1,014 of the 6,540 same-day registrants who registered with an out-of-state license had obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license.

The other 5,526 individuals never obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license. And, of those 5,526, only 213 registered a vehicle in New Hampshire.”

He concluded that “5,313 of those voters neither obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license nor registered a vehicle in New Hampshire.

They have not followed the legal requirements for residents regarding driver’s licenses, and it appears that they are not actually residing in New Hampshire. It seems that they never were bona fide residents of the State.”

Kobach failed to take into account that college students are allowed to vote where they attend school, despite having out-of-state driver’s licenses.  Moreover, students tend to vote Democrat.

New Hampshire Public Radio confirmed that “out-of-state IDs were mostly used in areas surrounding college campuses.”