Twitter Rolls Eyes At Trump’s Claim He Has ‘Very Little Time’ For TV


It wouldn’t be a typical morning in 2017 if President Donald Trump weren’t tweeting.

On Wednesday, amidst bombshell news involving Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer, Trump tweeted about the White House’s current priorities and his “very little time” for television:

It’s a bit inaccurate for Trump to say the White House is “functioning perfectly” amidst the latest Russia developments, the drama surrounding his children/in-laws’ actions, and his persistent attacks on the media.

Also, he has no public events on his schedule this week ― which doesn’t bolster the idea that he is focused on “many things.”

But Trump’s “having little time for watching T.V.” comment seems particularly unhinged.

Even just looking at the last few days alone, Trump has mentioned or retweeted Fox News shows or personalities eleven times.

Additionally, White House officials confirmed that the president “has been watching plenty of TV news this week” ― likely on the 60-plus-inch flat-screen television he had installed in the White House.

Twitter was just as annoyed by Trump’s exaggerated statement on his TV habits, with users quick to call out the tweet’s absurdity.

When I tell people I’m logging off Twitter then spend the entire day tweeting

— Sam Grittner (@SamGrittner) July 12, 2017

Can’t wait to see what fresh hell tomorrow brings.