Watch: Al Franken Shreds Conspiracy Theorist Trump Nominated To Be A Federal Judge

In the era of Trump, Senator Al Franken (D- MN) has been an absolute beast when it comes to Trump’s horrible nominees.

His tough line of questioning is the reason that the racist elf who likes to play Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, had to recuse himself from the Russia collusion investigation because it came to light that Sessions flat out lied to Senator Franken during his confirmation hearings.

Now, Franken is at it again, and did an absolutely fantastic job of hammering the loon Trump nominated to be a federal judge on the 6th Circuit Court, John Kenneth Bush.

It seems that this particular nominee is right up Trump’s aisle, as he has written hundreds upon hundreds of insane blog posts under a pseudonym, calling himself “G. Morris.”

Under this name, it seems that Bush used sources known for conspiracy theories, such as World News Daily. Further, Bush was an actual birther, and Franken called him out on it. Citing one of Bush’s more outrageous entries to his blog, Franken said:

World News Daily was also well known for trafficking in birtherism — the widely debunked and racist belief that President Obama was not born in the United States. The article you quote from suggests that a reporter in Kenya was detained by the government because he was investigating ‘Barack Obama’s connections in the country.’ What point were you trying to make in this post?”

Bush flat out stonewalled on this one, and wouldn’t say if he thought that World Net Daily was a news source that someone in his position should be reading or quoting. Franken, completely fed up with Bush’s bullshit, plowed on:

Using sources that engaged in fake news, hate speech. And in my mind, using my judgment to confirm someone to the circuit court who felt free to blog posts, and can’t answer how he decides whether to cite a source or not, whether it’s credible or not, that’s disturbing to me.”

Even GOP Senator John Kennedy admitted to having issues with this wildly inappropriate nominee:

Mr. Bush, I’ve read your blogs. I’m not impressed.”

The idea of someone like this being on any court is just outrageous. This would be flat out dangerous for the nation. Surely, even the GOP-controlled Senate will refuse to confirm this man.

Watch Franken’s takedown below: