WATCH: AMA President Issues Warning to Every American About What Trump is Doing.

Donald Trump’s ridiculous plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act has been met with condemnation from almost everyone, including the American Medical Association.

Dr. Andrew Gurman, the AMA’s President, reveals that Trumpcare will result in the deaths of the poor, the handicapped, and seniors.

Since Paul Ryan and Trump rolled their alternative plan to Obamacare, legislators, governors, and voters alike criticized it.

The plan places cruel burdens on the poor, needy, disabled, and the elderly.

And many professional organizations oppose the plan, too.

The American Hospital Association, the American Nurse’s Association, and the American Association of Retired Persons all oppose it. The American Medical Association recently announced its opposition, too.

In an interview with the soon-to-be-defunct PBS radio station, Gurman expressed his organization’s opposition to Trumpcare.

Gurman boiled down the AMA’s opposition to this:

“We know that people who don’t have health insurance live sicker and die younger. So, it is a basic principle of ours that people who have insurance shouldn’t lose it, and people don’t have health insurance should get it. And we’re afraid that, under this bill, that wouldn’t happen.”

Gurman recognizes one of the major flaws of the bill—only those who can afford insurance will get it under Trumpcare.

And the AMA sees this a major flaw in the alternative plan.

AMA President Gurman also criticized the tax credits from Trumpcare.

Gurman stated “Well, we’re concerned that the poorest and sickest among us would be the ones most affected” regarding the tax credits.

“These are numbers from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Someone who is 60 years old under the Affordable Care Act might get subsidies of up to between $9,000 and $13,000 to buy insurance, depending on where he or she lived,” Gurman offered as an example.

“Under the proposed legislation, that subsidy would be $4,000 flat, across the board. It doesn’t know where you live. It is virtually impossible to purchase insurance at that age for $4,000.”

Trumpcare does not take into consideration the cost of living in various parts of the country. The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, did and made it fairer to those who live in New York City and Springfield, Missouri.

The cost of health care varies widely depending on where you live. Trumpcare does not take that into consideration.

Gurman also commented on the availability of insurance and the high deductibles proposed under Trumpcare. ]

“And I can give you an example of someone I saw last week in my office, a self-employed carpenter, probably makes somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000 in a good year,” Gurman said.

“He needs to have surgery on his hand. He has a $6,000 deductible. That’s a big problem for him.”

It’s not just a hypothetical, many people would face this nightmare. How many people today have $6,000 on hand for a medical procedure? And how many have jobs that will pay an employee while off work? The number of both is very low.

Finally, Dr. Gurman stated that the public and physicians need to know what is in Trumpcare before Congress passes it and makes it law.

The AMA president also stated that the organization would work with Congress to fix Obamacare or Trumpcare.

Congress needs to pull back and examine some of the criticisms from professional organizations as the AMA, AHA, and AARP.

They have good ideas that Congress and Trump should consider.

But we all know that will not happen. Ryan, Trump, and tea-partiers in Congress want to kill Obamacare and replace it with anything else.

Too bad they do not consider the life-and-death effects their legislation has on middle-class workers, the handicapped, the poor, and senior citizens.

Trumpcare tells people to “work or die” and shows the heartlessness and evil of the Republicans in charge.

We must assure that voters do not forget this evil in 2018 and 2020. But why wait until then? Recall petitions will get the attention of legislators that we watch their every move, and we do not like what we see.

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