WATCH: Joy Reid Gleefully Ridicules Ivanka’s Book While Comparing Her To Air-Headed ‘Clueless’ Character

MSNBC host Joy Reid issued a biting take-down Saturday morning of first daughter Ivanka Trump’s new book on working women, comparing the author to air-headed pampered Beverly Hill princess Cher Horowitz in the 1995 film “Clueless.”

Trump’s book — full of inspirational quotes from famous thinkers, but re-branded as #ITwisewords (“IT” standing for Ivanka Trump) — has been heaped with derision, with one reviewer calling it a “A pink-tinted sea of innocuous blandness,” and another bluntly calling it: “profoundly boring.”

For her part, Reid noted the similarities between Trump’s penthouse-raised daughter and the “Clueless” character, modeled after Jane Austen’s “Emma.”

“We found the perfect real-life version of Jane Austen’s Emma,” Reid began with a gleam in her eye. “Some of you might know the character as the inspiration for Cher in the movie “Clueless.” She’s rich, stylish, has a sunny disposition and diligently cares for her powerful father.”

“She’s also a little too self-assured which, in the film, takes the form of cluelessly reading botched adages as tokens of advice,” Reid continued.

“She says things that could be described as a ‘Strawberry milkshake of inspiration that feels like eating scented cotton balls.’ That’s how writers for the New York Times describe the new book by Ivanka Trump.”

“Her new book, “Women Who Work” is surprisingly not ironici f you can believe it,” Reid snarked, “Especially after reading passages of sage advice like this: ‘To master communication, ask questions and listen well.’

To communicate with her readers, Ivanka borrows heavily from other successful famous people: Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Twain, Nelson Mandela and even Nietzsche shows up.

She also takes these quotes completely out of context. For example, how do you tell wealthy women how to manage their e-mails? Well, you compare it to slavery and quote Toni Morrison.

Seriously. Before asking her readers, ‘Are you a slave to your time or the master of it?’ she quotes ‘Beloved,” a novel about psychological ghosts of slavery. Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self is another.”

Reid later delighted her panel by mocking Trump with a brutally accurate valley girl accent.

Watch the video below via MSNBC: