Watch Racist White Chicago Man Go On Insane “Slave” Rant Against Black Starbucks Customers


It seems like violent racist outbursts are becoming an everyday part of life. And yesterday, there was another one that made the news. When a black man accidentally spilled coffee on a white man’s suit, the white Starbuck patron erupted into a racist rant.

“Shut up, slave!” 23-year-old William Boucher hollered in the Chicago coffee shop. “Do not talk to me!”

Boucher then referred to the man as livestock and said his social security number should be tagged on him as a barcode. He then added, “You’re disgusting!”

The tirade only got worse when the two men exited the café, followed by a small crowd.

“Get on all fours right now!” Boucher demanded. “Get on all fours! So not walk off on two legs! You don’t deserve to walk on two legs, vermin.”

Boucher then spits at the man, prompting the man to shove him.

After that, it looks like things are going to end. Boucher walks away, but then stops and looks back. At this point, as a 59-year-old black man is walking by him, Boucher randomly punches the pedestrian in the face so hard that the man fell to the ground. Several bystanders tackled Boucher to the ground, who continued yelling out offensive remarks.

The 59-year-old pedestrian was treated at a nearby hospital for an eye injury.

Boucher was charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery, and is probably no longer allowed back at Starbucks.