WATCH: Trump Voters Destroy Each Other on Live TV After One of Them Says THIS.

A panel discussion on CNN went off the rails right away when participants were asked what they think of Trump’s first 100 days.

The panel gets tongue-tied pretty quickly attempting to defend Trump’s backpedaling and changed policies.

In the video, the panelists attempt to make excuses for Trump’s changes from the campaign trail to the Oval Office.

Watch, and see as the arguments get more and more ridiculous and the whole thing becomes truly funny.

As the panelists start to contradict themselves and each other, the entire thing falls apart in spectacular fashion when they turn on each other.

Even Trump’s supporters can’t defend the man they picked to be President of the United States when they start examining his record.

The infighting is only to be expected. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump made a lot of promises regarding his first 100 days in office.

However, he has not followed through on most promises, and he’s totally flipped positions on others.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Trump made 38 promises for his first 100 days. But he’s fulfilled only 10 of them, and the 100 days ends on Saturday.

That doesn’t leave much time for him to follow through with his grand claims and big promises, which won him plenty of applause during campaign events—but not so much now.

Trump did push the Dakota Access pipeline through and lifted restrictions on mining coal and drilling for oil and natural gas, as he promised.

When it comes to lifting regulations, he’s proven that he’s more than willing to follow through on those claims.

However, the rest of his 100-day agenda isn’t so promising—hence, the panel that practically implodes on live TV.

When some of Trump’s changing plans are brought up, the panelists turn on each other because Trump has offered so many conflicting opinions.

He’s backtracked on NATO, an issue that electrified CNN’s panel.

Trump also completely dropped all his claims about China, so it’s hard for his supporters to know where he and they are supposed to stand on certain issues.

Additionally, he has not passed a tax overhaul or an initiative to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, and tried but failed to pass his Muslim ban.

And as for the wall, Trump is still working on that.

Democrats, and now some Republicans, have said that Trump’s first 100 days are a failure, at least if you’re measuring it against all his promises.

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Trump is embarrassing even his own supporters now. He’s not what they thought he was.

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Is Trump A Disgrace?

Franklin D. Roosevelt first set the 100-day mark for Presidential accomplishment. He passed so much sweeping legislation in his first 100 days it changed the country and the world.

Presidents have been chasing Roosevelt’s first 100 days ever since, and now it’s part of the Presidential platform to announce one’s 100-day agenda.

Trump managed to get that part of it right, at least—announcing his agenda.

Following through, however, has been a bit of an Achilles’ heel for him.

Since the media began reporting on Trump’s failed 100-day agenda, Trump has said he thinks the 100-day mark is unnecessary, anyway.

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