Who You Going to Believe? The AARP President or the President of the United States?

Medicare is absolutely critical to millions of seniors.

GOP fought like mad to prevent Medicare from being enacted in the 1960s.

And the GOP has NEVER given up trying to kill it – not for a moment.

Ayn Rand the high goddess of the modern GOP hated Medicare and her followers are going to kill it if they have a chance.

The president of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) just described President Trump and Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan “as shifting more risk to seniors – a risk that means either paying more for their healthcare or getting less of it.”

Medicare is being targeted by key congressional leaders for a sweeping set of changes that would dramatically increase healthcare costs for seniors and ultimately leave them paying more for their healthcare while getting less,” writes AARP President Eric J. Schneidewind in Time Magazine.

Schneidewind also called out President Trump to hold true to his campaign promise not to alter the Medicare system:

“Not only do seniors nationwide strongly oppose such changes, but Medicare cuts and congressional plans to reduce Medicare’s long-standing promise to people run afoul of the new President’s often-stated views on the subject. For the sake of the tens of millions of Americans who now rely on Medicare or who will become Medicare recipients in coming years, let’s hope President Trump’s campaign promise not to touch Medicare holds true.”

Schneidewind closed out by promising to “defend” the status of the Medicare program.